berry good

It seems I took an accidental blogging hiatus…after starting off so well! But I’m back, whew.

I made these GF blueberry & lemon muffins last week and they were super delish. My first experience with sorghum flour, and it is a new favorite.


Yum! I wish I had one right now.


I thought this was a really good general flour mixture and tried to adapt it to make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins…

…hmm. Not so much. I mean, I ate them all, of course. Because they did have chocolate in them. But they were very dense, and dry.  Not the worst muffin ever but they won’t be made again. Instead of just replacing the yogurt with pumpkin puree and adding choco chips instead of berries (and not adding lemon, obv) I think I’ll leave in the yogurt and add the pumpkin and the chocolate.

Maybe? I don’t know? I need to experiment. I also reeeally want to buy coconut flour. Yum yum yum.

On a non-food note, my patience and allowance of others has really been tested recently… and my ability to stay with and as my inner being is really challenging me. It’s a roller coaster ride sometimes, and ultimately I’m just really thankful that I can (for the most part) see what my mind is doing and how I am reacting, and that I have such an amazing family. I realize this more each day and am continually grateful.


I’m also applying to grad school at State. 

If I get turned down, then maybe grad school just aint meant to be. We shall see, peeps. We shall see.

Next I’ll post the recipe for my most favorite dish recently – Kitchari. Healing, ayurvedic, very healthy, and yummy.

Took the dogs to Piedmont on Sunday. That place sure does get crowded, but it sure is purty.


Very glad I finally wrote this, and promising to be more consistent…


Namaste, ya’ll

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  1. Jes said:

    Those muffins look amazing–and sorghum is one of my favorite gf flours too. It’s amazing how mixing and matching flours makes such different results! Good luck with the grad school app!!

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